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Welcome to the brand new semi-fantasy wolf/animal rpg, adelfi psychi! We are currently accepting new members.
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 Boutique of Aslin

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PostSubject: Boutique of Aslin   Boutique of Aslin EmptyMon May 20, 2013 3:32 pm

A b o u t
The boutique of Aslin is a little shop, owned by Blithe, that members may come in to cash their well earned paw-prints in, or pp. You send all pp to the Bank Dog, where she stores it, since really she has no reason to use it considering she is the admin. You fill out a small form, and post a thread, including all of your purchases there. When accepted, an admin will post a green check beside the form and deliver your item accordingly. If not accepted, there will be a red check and a note explaining why. But, all in all, welcome to the boutique of Aslin!
I t e m s
Colored username - a colored username of your choice, any color you want. [125 pp]
Added text - a quote or something under your username, and must only be up to 20 words. [140 pp]
Pack board - your own pack board, which your character of your choice controls at alpha, and you may set rules and regulations there. Yet, only the site admins may accept the characters that apply to be in there. [1400 pp]
Esme's eye - a magical fruit that when eaten can allow you to have a mutation of your choice. [600 pp]
Potluck bliss - a small potion that gives you one power. [800 pp]
Rean juice - gives you incredible stamina, yet will run out and leave you very deflated after 2 hours. [700 pp]
Amber pendent - a dangly necklace with a round stone of amber at the end, gilded into the necklace with silver. [70 pp]
Looking glass - enables you to see far and wide, as much as 20-30 feet. [500 pp]
Swift dust - you are now able to run as an eagle, but watch out, your body still needs to be very very hydrated now. [750 pp]

A p p l i c a t i o n
Username -
Item(s) -
Total price -
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Boutique of Aslin
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