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Welcome to the brand new semi-fantasy wolf/animal rpg, adelfi psychi! We are currently accepting new members.
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R u l e s - Do not post. 2lm6xbl

R u l e s - Do not post. Fkw2di
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 R u l e s - Do not post.

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R u l e s - Do not post. Empty
PostSubject: R u l e s - Do not post.   R u l e s - Do not post. EmptyWed May 15, 2013 10:44 pm

R u l e s
Please do not post here. This is the general thread where we will tell you the rules and such.

I. You may have as many characters as you can keep up with.

II. Do not, I repeat do not, disrespect the staff. We - including me, helped make and build this site so you may role play to your heart's content. Don't make us regret that.

III. God-modding is never cool! Your character can't survive a fifty foot drop from a window, so don't post it. This also stands for otherwise fatal injuries - you can't be perfect and avoid every hit. This is unfair to the attacker and therefor must not happen.

IV. Auto-hits are not permitted. Auto-hitting is when your character forcefully does something to another character without letting them have their side of the story. This is an example. "Clary jumped at Dave, knocking him over with a swipe of her paws to rip his wind-pipe out." This is also an example of a perfect character, which is having the ability to kill as much as you'd like. Both of these are not to be used.

V. This rpg is PG-13, or for teens and below. If you are not grown up enough to handle some violent language and some sexual suggestion, please leave now. Do not post pornographic material, as the forumotion host prevents this and you will be banned.

VI. Mini-modding is a no no as well. This is when you post on someone's thread, telling them they've broken a rule. We know you are only trying to help, but please just pm me or one of the mods to take care of it.
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R u l e s - Do not post.
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