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Welcome to the brand new semi-fantasy wolf/animal rpg, adelfi psychi! We are currently accepting new members.
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 Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali]

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PostSubject: Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali]   Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali] EmptyThu May 23, 2013 8:20 pm

Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali] Kali-2_zps0caf6ec1
Name: Kali
Nickname(s): Kals, Kal, etc.
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Interior Alaskan Wolf
Sexuality: Straight
Virgin: Yes

Appearance: It is a dark brown. It is also made up from different types of shades and tints of brown. As it goes down her legs, it gets a lighter tint. From the bottom of her eyes, she has red tear marks that go down to her lips. On the top of her bottom, she has a fire-looking marking that travels to the top of her tail. The tip of her tail is also red. Her eyes are a bright red that seems to glow in the night. Kali has normal battle scars all over her body, one on the back of her left ear most noticeable. Her build is like a large warrior, although she is quite lean in her stomach sure to her agile and speed strengths.

When she was born, her parents sent her to another wolf to take care of her. Kali's parent's pack was in a war, and they didn't want their daughter getting hurt. They trusted her with a wolf names Ra's. He actually had an alliance with assassins. Kali was left with him. Her parents died in a war shortly after. Kali was under Ra's wing, and he taught her that wolves would always hate her. She learned assassin techniques. Ra's gave her the title of "Leader of Assassins." Then a fire raged in the alliance. Kali managed to drift from it on a wood tree that had fallen in the water. Ra's died in the blaze. When she found land, she went to find a pack.

Kali is quite quiet and doesn't like to talk. She has a low self-esteem and feels isolated to the other wolves. This femme tries to not have meaningful conversations. But if you get to know her, she is loyal and a good friend.

Weaknesses: She has low stamina and has very poor self-esteem. Kali is claustrophobic also. She tends to lose track of time, and sometimes inquires short-term memory loss.
Strengths: Kali is a excellent fighter, due to her extensive training. That said, she is agile and quick with speed.
Talents: Her talents are that she can easily get out of any trap she encounters.
General Habits: Kali tends to chew on the fur of her paw when she gets nervous or scared. She also sneaks off when stressed, embarrassed, or scared.

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PostSubject: Re: Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali]   Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali] EmptyThu May 23, 2013 8:35 pm

Accepted, moving. Wink

Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali] 519fd49249dcc
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Lock Me Up Inside.. [Kali]
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