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Welcome to the brand new semi-fantasy wolf/animal rpg, adelfi psychi! We are currently accepting new members.
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PostSubject: Improsper the loving   Improsper the loving EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 1:23 pm

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Full name - Improsper (Imp)
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Straight
Virgin? - Yes

Appearance - Imp has really light sky blue eyes which are really pretty beside her light red pelt, she has long legs. She has lots of white round her chest and muzzle. She is slightly taller than normal females but is quite thin.
Personality-Improsper or Imp is really shy when at first but when she gets to know others she really shows her true colours when doing many things such as hunting and showing her maternal instinsts towards others' pups. She is a loving and caring she wolf that loves nearly everything.
Likes - pups, hunting and loves nearly everything and loves everyone.
Dislikes - fighting

Mate? - not yet
Crush? -Not yet
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Improsper the loving
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