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 R a n k i n g - The ranks of a wolf pack.

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PostSubject: R a n k i n g - The ranks of a wolf pack.   Wed May 15, 2013 11:27 pm

Alpha male - Male leader
Alpha female - Female leader

Beta male - Male deputy
Beta female - Female deputy

Delta male - Male beta in training
Delta female - Female beta in training

Sentinel - Patrolers

Elders - Old wolves

Hunters - Hunts the food for the pack

Shaman - Medicine wolf with spiritual connections

Healers - Helpers of the shaman, no spiritual connections

Scouts - Warn your pack and other packs of danger, visits other packs, and are pretty much messengers

Warriors - Fighters

Pup watchers - They watch the pups

Subordinates - Unranked wolves

Omega - The lowest of the low, usually used as slaves, pups of a raped wolf, pups of a traitor, prisoner, ect

Apprentices - A wolf in training for a rank
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R a n k i n g - The ranks of a wolf pack.
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