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Welcome to the brand new semi-fantasy wolf/animal rpg, adelfi psychi! We are currently accepting new members.
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 Mephistopheles aka Mephisto

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PostSubject: Mephistopheles aka Mephisto   Mephistopheles aka Mephisto EmptySat May 18, 2013 12:28 am

Mephistopheles aka Mephisto 2drhrew

Full name - Mephistopheles aka Mephisto
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Straight
Virgin? - No

Appearance - On the larger side of the wolf species, his fur is a multitude of grays, whites, and a bit of black on his face that turns into a stripe on his back all the way down to his tail. His eyes are a bluish color, his paw pads are black as are his toenails.

Personality- Usually a loner, he is not used to being around others and when he is, at first he can be a bit shy and prefers to keep to keep to himself. Due to past experiences, his true nature cannot be revealed at just any time. This wolf's true personality only comes out during war-time for he is blood-thirsty beast. Once he is let loose there is no stopping him; which is why he usually does not go on hunts because it has been known to trigger that side of the wolf. Mephisto is very loyal to himself and very few others. Poor thing though does not think that there is a mate out there for him who could stand to be around such a beast and be comfortable around one that could snap at anytime. But who knows?

Likes - Blood, killing, being alone, hunting

Dislikes - being around others, pups

Mate? - none
Crush? -none
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PostSubject: Re: Mephistopheles aka Mephisto   Mephistopheles aka Mephisto EmptySun May 19, 2013 12:18 am

Accepted, Laevau. Feel free to post!
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Mephistopheles aka Mephisto
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